Tell tale heart, new ending (old english homework)

He seemed perfectly normal, a nice chap if you will but what evil hither beneath those false charming eyes I do not know nor wish to understand such madness as he. He was a beautiful disaster, not to suggest murder in any way or form is beautiful, but just the pure fact he almost got away with the perfect crime if it was not for his harboured guilt that concealed his fate.  It was as if he was possessed, a prisoner of his own blind insanity, one wishes to feel sympathy for his madness but cannot be acquired due to his disgusting actions. To this day it irks me his reasoning for such ghastly crimes to be in anyway excusable or sane for that matter. I will never forget the day we apprehended him, my mind forever scarred by the ticking time bomb oblivious to all that was about to explode. For a while the scene stalked my dreams, night terror after night terror still from time to time it haunts me. Now as I stated before he seemed perfectly normally as he lead us in ever so politely and calmly not traditional behaviour of one who had just committed murder the night before. Eyes are supposed to be the gateway to one’s soul so why did I not see it then; I was fooled by the charming film that hid the calculating mess beneath.  He lead us into the elderly man’s chamber where we sat conversed, bantered and debated for quite some time until the unimaginable happened. I couldn’t help but notice the man stopped conversing and had begun staring at the window. Staring as though he’d just seen a ghost, fixated he then began to shout “KILL IT! KILL IT! THE VULTURE, QUICK BEFORE THE FOUL BEAST…” What happened next was so gruesome and terrifying my colleague had vomited for he could not bear the atrocity unravelling right before our eyes. I sat paralyzed; I tried to look away but something inside wanted to see the tragedy unfold then that’s when he exploded and horror filled our hearts, along with utter shock. The man let out a blood curdling scream while he began gauging his own eye out. With the other arm he was swiping furiously as if something was there, I believe he was hallucinating that he was being attacked by a vulture. After self-mutilating himself he began to sob pointing to the floor boards where he had been sitting screaming “LOOK! THE BEAST WANTS YOU TO LOOK, OH PLEASE GOD HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL”. He then began to rip the floor boards from their joists to uncover and reveal the dismembered body that belonged to the elderly man.  

My father’s opinion on thongs

"why do you women insist on wearing thongs when they don’t separate the restaurant from the garbage dump" 

just dead.

Tabs original , also just some verbal thought diarrhoea

I believe that every individual deserves a chance, I take every bit of knowledge said to me into consideration, I’m not a judgemental person but that also doesn’t mean I tolerate bullshit. Life is full of ups and downs its how you handle or cope with it is what makes us or breaks us as humans, I believe in inner beauty and if you have an ugly attitude thats most likely why we don’t converse. I love to love so friends and family are something I cherish and appreciate, always will ♥
as albert einstien once said “a life lived for others is a life worth living” in addition to why I love this quote is because I someday plan on a career living a life helping others. I dislike negative nancy’s as I stated earlier life doesn’t always deal you the cards you want but it doesn’t mean you’ve lost the jackpot entirely theres always a silver lining, a positive! Being positive may be hard but its the way to be, sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself, go with the flow and appreciate the little things ♥

Why is it humans strive for perfection? We seek to constantly “better” ourselves in order to attain that unreachable goal of being perfect, to further that notion how do you define perfection? What must one have or be in order to be truly perfect… 

perfection is the mastermind of insecurity and ones dissatisfaction in who and what they are. Society has a made a mindset that one should look and act a certain way when that’s all a load of shit because individuality is what holds us apart from being a herd of sheep. 

I believe in character, I’m fascinated by individuals whom break free from what “they’re suppose to be”, and rather are spontaneous, spunky if you will. As people we fought for freedom so why do we try to jail ourselves when it comes to who we are… Life is game of hide and seek, we hide our true selves in fear of what others may think but seek to some how set it free 

I dream of a world where beauty is defined by who you actually are, rather than what you look like or pretend to be 

in the end we all get old & ugly face it … i’d just rather be lingering this world with someone who was beautiful on the inside
When I’m old and frail i’ll look back on life and say “damn what a ride

Tumblr Staff: In a matter of hours on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan completely devastated...


In a matter of hours on Friday, Typhoon Haiyan completely devastated parts of the central Philippines. It was one of the strongest storms ever recorded. The death toll is estimated up to 10,000 with hundreds of thousands more displaced. The country has declared a “state of calamity.”

To all our…

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